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  • Fantastic day of shooting with lots of choice for extras. If you're looking to go shooting whilst in Prague I would strongly recommend!
    nosser92, 🇺🇸USA, Jun 2019
  • The shooting experience was very cool, absolutely phenomenal.
    Youri L, 🇳🇱Netherlands, Mar 2019
  • Nice explanation of the guns and, off course, firing the guns. Would recommend this on 10/10, absolutely 100%
    Ernst W, 🇳🇱Netherlands, Dec 2018
  • Fantastic shooting range tour, from picking up, instructions, shooting, taking photos, everything went very smoothly.
    Minghui Z, 🇩🇰Denmark, Feb 2017
  • It was interesting to experience the impact and shooting behaviour of the various weapons that they offer there. Definitely recommendable!
    Matt E, 🇩🇪Germany, Jul 2017
  • Went to a shooting range, it kicked ass! The guys were pretty friendly and made sure we stayed safe. Great experience!
    Charlie E, 🇬🇧United Kingdom, Oct 2016
  • Had a great time at the shooting range, adrenaline pure. Shot an AK47, uzi, sniper and some more... Holy cow... Totally worth the money.
    Markus J, 🇮🇪Ireland, Aug 2018
  • Good range of guns to try and both knowledge and banter from the guys running the experience.
    Hayley M, 🇬🇧United Kingdom, Sep 2019
  • The shooting range was a great experience and I'm most likely coming back there the next time I'll be in Prague. 10/10
    Igor D, 🇷🇺Russia, Oct 2016
  • One of the best shooting trips I have been on. Safety paramount.
    Jim H, 🇬🇧United Kingdom, Feb 2018